Media Sales Institute

Media Sales Institutes

Program Overview

Radio and television stations are looking to hire fresh talent to their sales teams. The Media Sales Institute provides college seniors with exclusive training in broadcast media sales to teach them the skills needed to get hired and succeed in the industry.

The seven day program is for college seniors only and is held each May/June after college graduations.

Students learn the basics of media sales, including winning sales strategies, networking, presenting effective pitches and closing sales. During the program, participants are divided into groups and form a fictitious multi-media company comprised of radio, television and cable properties. As media sales continues to evolve in today's marketplace, each medium presented must have a digital component. While the groups will work in teams to develop the company name and identity, each individual will be responsible for developing a portion of their team's sales pitch and present to a group of media executives seeking candidates interested in positions in media sales. A career fair is held at the end of the course where candidates engage in one-on-one interviews with media company executives.